Build Strength and Confidence with Kickboxing Classes in Morris County NJ

From its roots in Southeast Asia centuries ago, kickboxing is the most well-known type of mixed martial art, now one of the most popular ways to get into shape and achieve optimal physical and mental performance. Kickboxing focuses on technique and control, as opposed to aggression, which makes it a popular form of aerobic exercise among women. Our different levels of kickboxing classes provide the opportunity for people of all skill levels and fitness goals to have expert instruction and training in this fun, yet challenging form of mixed martial arts.

The Benefits of Kickboxing

It's simple -- as a high-intensity cardio activity, kickboxing is proven to help you lose and maintain weight, while at the same time increasing energy levels. Our kickboxing classes and individual training sessions not only provide our students with the opportunity to burn 1,000 calories per hour, but they also teach people proper body mechanics to reduce the risk of injury. Participation in a regular kickboxing training regime improves strength and flexibility, and targets nearly every muscle group, including your core.

Kickboxing Benefits Are More Than Physical

Our expert kickboxing coaches work with students to develop a sense of dedication to both their personal well-being and their commitment to the sport. Many of our RWMMA kickboxing athletes have developed a positive attitude and self-confidence due to the discipline, stress management and knowledge of self defense derived from our structured classes. Students have also experienced increased focus and concentration which also helps them in their work, school and personal pursuits.

Begin Your Kickboxing Journey Now

Our expert kickboxing trainers and coaches have the patience, knowledge, and skill to work with people of all skill levels and ages. Since our instructors vary the routines they use in the classes, there is no chance to become bored. If you are ready to experience all the benefits of kickboxing, call us at (973) 625-9444 to schedule a free individual training session.

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