About Our Academy

Real World Martial Arts

Why should I train here? What makes this place different?

These are questions often asked when someone is looking to start martial arts training. George Sernack, founder of the school, chief instructor, and 1st degree black belt under Renzo Gracie understands what is required to create a fun, safe and effective learning environment.

First, it requires passion. George's interest in martial started from a young child when he began studying karate and judo at the age of 12. He expanded his disciplines, transitioning to kickboxing at the age of 18 and then taekwondo where he became a 5th degree black belt under Richard Raciti. After almost three decades of studying martial arts, George discovered Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and started training with Renzo Gracie in New Jersey and New York. His passion of Jiu-jitsu eclipsed all of his previous martial arts training and he quickly took on teaching roles as a blue belt. He became one of the first handful of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts in the United States when he received his black belt in 2009 from Master Renzo.

How We Started

George's interest in martial arts inspired him to make a vocation out of it. His first school opened in 1988, but his interest in Jiu-jitsu was so motivating that he decided, in September of 2004, to open Real World Martial Arts in Denville, New Jersey, which specializes in teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The school is a Renzo Gracie affiliate and has seen some of the most well-known household names in the jiu-jitsu arena visit its mats, including Renzo Gracie, the brother Igor, Rolles and Gregor Gracie, Matt Sera, Travis Stephens, Roberto Correa and many others.

The Environment

Real World Martial Arts in Denville is home to a variety of students with different backgrounds and different interests. The school has produced ranked MMA fighters, like Claudio Ledesma, but the majority of practitioners are regular people like yourself. We have fire fighters, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, engineers, teachers, computer technicians, plumbers and many others who train on our mats daily. The common theme is that we have high quality students with professional attitudes, which makes for a comfortable and safe training environment free from ego. Sportsmanship and integrity are the keystones to fostering improvement for everyone. And while we do encourage friendly competition, unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated.

The Facility

Our facility has a generously sized, seamless training mat that can accommodate a large number of students. The mat is cleaned daily by a professional cleaning service. We have a smaller room for private, one-on-one instruction, as well as separate men’s and women’s locker rooms. There is a comfortable viewing area with seating for onlookers, guests and parents.

Our Instructors

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William Arthur Ward

Our teachers are the most important part of our school, apart from our students. Our instructor staff has over 75 of combined experience teaching a variety of martial arts. Our staff has competition experience and includes five black belts. Not only do our teachers undergo rigorous instructor training on a regular basis, but as professionals in their own fields, they are able to be effective teachers by connecting with different audiences through their unique experiences. Our teachers include doctors, lawyers and engineers and we have both male and female instructors. To learn more about our teachers, click here to see their bios.

Is BJJ for Me?

You might still be asking yourself, 'is this for me?' Are you tired of the predictable, unfocused, regimented workouts at the box gyms? Do you yearn to learn something new that is both fun and practical? Brazilian Jiu-jitsu provides limitless expansion for growth. You will literally never peak in your journey -- you can only improve. We are so confident that learning BJJ at Real World Martial Arts will improve your quality of life, we offer a 30 day free trial. Come down and visit us today! Or simply call: 973-625-9444

"I look forward to seeing you on the mat!" - George Sernack

"Whenever I train, I am part of a brotherhood, sharing a journey that makes both of us better." - George Sernack

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